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Image by Asher Ward

When the wild is calling, we must go.

I first set out on my journey west with only my 12-year-old Volkswagen Jetta, a loaf of bread, and a jar of crunchy peanut butter. The sandwich components are long gone, but my Jetta and I are still winding up the Pacific Coast.

A few months after I turned 30, my anxiety shot through the roof. I had it all — a high-paying career in sales, a close group of like-minded friends, and a gorgeous apartment with a view of the Manhattan skyline. So why wasn't I happy?

I struggled for far too long before I realized I had lost touch with nature and the beauty of the natural world around me. Since leaving my old life behind, I've spent my time traveling through the West Coast's sprawling network of national parks, painting and photographing my adventures as I go. 

 You deserve to connect with nature too — and I can't wait to share it with you throughout my travels. 

Marin Scott

WHAt's this all about?

These three slides display sample copy that I wrote for this blogger's personal website, on which she documents her travels through photographs that she takes and paintings that she creates based on those photographs. She hired me to write a bio that captures the spirit of her travels and gives her followers a point of connection with her. I also wrote the headline she uses: "When the wild is calling, we must go." Her main "About Me" page is shown first, followed by a content box that appears on another page of her site and then a widescreen banner on which she uses the headline that I wrote. 

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